About Us

Since its establishment, FANA Law & Consulting has provided its successful assistance in the defense of many criminal cases with important accused persons such as Presidents, Ministers, MPs, etc. investigated by the General Prosecutor’s Office, having a very high percentage of cases won for many years.
Also, FANA Law & Consulting has successfully represented a very large number of civil cases before all levels of the Albanian courts.
We consult and assists many companies in their activity or in resolving legal disputes. Our clients have been large hydrocarbon companies, construction, import-export, etc.
The assistance of the firm in family matters and juvenile justice is particularly prominent and always guarantees the best expertise and undisputed success.
We provide the best contemporary assistance in the field of domestic and international mediation and arbitration through the work of specialized lawyers abroad.
FANA Law & Consulting offers representation at all levels of the Albanian judiciary, the Constitutional Court, the European Court of Human Rights, the International Court of Arbitration, etc.
FANA Law & Consulting continues to be one of the most successful studios in the country since its establishment and is valued for its simplicity of communication, loyalty to the client, maintaining confidentiality, rectitude and maximum commitment for our clients.