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Neshat Fana studied and graduated from the University of Tirana in Law and Diplomacy.
He also specialized in the Italian School of Magistrates.
For 12 years he worked at the Albanian State Prosecution as head of the district prosecutor’s office, head of the appellate prosecutor’s office and head of the General Prosecutor’s Office. During his time as head of the General Prosecutor’s Office in the early 1990s, he led investigations and tried the most important criminal cases of the time with great national and international impact, such as the murders of April 2, 1991 in Shkodra, the trial of the former top leaders of the communist government, former president, former prime minister, ministers, etc., with accusations of border killings, deportations, illegal internments, destruction of religious monuments, abuses of public property creating undeserved privileges, crackdown on groups criminals of all kinds, etc.
For many years he has worked as an expert on justice reforms undertaken by Albanian Government at the Ministry of Justice and an expert of the Albanian Parliament on several issues of parliamentary inquiry of particular importance.
For 8 years he has been a Member of the High Council of Justice and Director of the School of Magistrates.
He has been a lecturer of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure at the Faculty of Law in Tirana, the School of Magistrates and other private universities.
In 1998 he founded the FANA Law Firm based in Tirana and in the same year he founded the first Association of Criminal Lawyers of Albania, closing it as soon as the National Chamber of Advocates began its full operation.

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